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Coach Whitley

What is GameDay Marketing


Every quality program strives to compete at the championship level. The staff at GameDay Marketing shares the same goal. Our staff has put together a product and devised a Game Plan that will drive your programs fundraising to the championship level. Every good coach wants to provide their athletes with the best resources for winning. A partnership with GameDay Marketing is the first step towards reaching your goals.


GameDay Marketing is the leader in the fundraising industry. With a catalog of proven products, GameDay Marketing provides high-quality merchandise appropriate for any sized school or team. Our list of clients grows each week as schools throughout the southeast experience great success with our GameDay Marketing products.
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What Makes GameDay Marketing the correct choice for your Team


The staff at GameDay Marketing understands the importance of the dollar, but unlike our competitors we value the importance of a partnership. GameDay Marketing is genuinely involved with each team from start to finish. Our job is not to drop off a product and leave you to do the work; instead we want to help lead you to success. Our staff works to make relationships with merchants in your community so that we can provide special offers that are unique to your program. We pride ourselves in finding great offers through the top businesses in your town. Once the product has been developed, a member of our staff will meet with you and your athletes to assist you in “kicking-off” your sales event. GameDay Marketing will stay with you throughout the sales process and will come to assist you at the end of your fundraising efforts. What else can GameDay do for you? GameDay Marketing can guarantee a NO RISK FUNDRAISER WITH NO UP-FRONT COST TO YOUR PROGRAM. There are no minimum requirements or back-end cost either. Any unsold product can be returned regardless of the success of the sale. The GameDay Marketing staff and our custom Game Plan will guide you through this important process.


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